Cross Coltural Artisan Association

About CCAA

Cross Cultural Artisan Association (CCAA) was founded in October 2014 to promote cultural activities that help produce high quality artworks through mutual understanding and collaboration between Japan and other countries with a goal to refine aesthetic awareness and techniques in all countries involved.

Our Business

To Enterprises Plannning for consignment production of traditional crafts,Promoting Academic-Industrial Collaboration
To Academia Coordinating a project of cultural exchange, Promoting Academic-Industrial Collaboration
To Artisans Coordinating exhibitions and sales, Providing creative inspirations
To Public Supporting traditonal craftsmen and their successors, Suppoting revival of traditional craft


Aug. 2011 At the request of Mr. Rachmat Gobel, then president of Panasonic Gobel and former Minister of Commerce of Indonesia, the Eco Batik project was launched with Ms. Reiko Sadiah Barack, Mrs. Fusami Ito and Mr. Yoichiro Ito as the founding members.
Dec. 2011 Produced a stuffed mascot for the 26th South East Asian Games (SEA Games), held in Parenban, Indonesia. The stuffed animal was made using sonket, a traditional woven fabric of Parenban.
2012 Established an experimental Batik workshop in Solo, Indonesia, and started production.
Aug. 2013 Fusami Ito offered a workshop and instructions in Batik production at Joshibi University of Art and Design. Finished products were exhibited at the Joshibi Art Museum in Sagamihara.
Produced and gifted Batik yukatas (Japanese summer cotton kimono) to Yokozunas (grand champions) and Ozekis (second highest ranking wrestlers) on the occasion of the Japanese Sumo Wrestling Jakarta Tour.
Dec. 2013 Refine Batik products were exhibited in the Monozukuri (Creative Production) booth at the Japan- Indonesia Expo 2013, held in Jakarta, Indonesia. The exhibits that incorporated the Japanese sense of colors in Indonesian traditional patterns impressed the Expo visitors.
Feb. 2014 Refine Batik products were exhibited during the Indonesian Fashion Week.
Oct. 2014 Organized a cross-cultural classroom project in collaboration with Joshibi University, inviting students from ISI JOG University of Arts. Helped with preparation, translation, presentation and instruction.
Offered help to a cross-cultural program of fashion collaboration, cosponsored by Jakarta Fashion Week and Japan Foundation, by providing three designers from Japan and Indonesia with traditional Batik fabrics.
Established the Cross Cultural Artisan Association (CCAA), a general incorporated association, in Tokyo, Japan.

Board Members

Chairperson: Fusami Ito

Batik professional:graduated from Joshibi college of art and design in 1971, studied at Institut Seni Indonesia (ISI) Yogyakarta from 1974 to 1976, then worked at a batik studio in Solo and practiced traditional batik techniques.She has worked on the investigation and producing batik for 40 years.

Director: Sae Ogasawara

Scholar:Hon. Prof. of Japan Women’s University

Director: Yuki Yanagi

Dyeing and Weaving Professional

Director: Mitsunori Matsuo

Adviser of Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board

Director: Reiko Sadiah Barack

The founding members

Executive Director: Yoichiro Ito

The founding members

Inspector: Kyoko Shimizu

Board Member, Asian Community Center 21